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Mostly it takes months (some times years) to make a considered decision to sell the house in which you have lived for so long and in which so much things already happened.

Because selling a house is not your daily business. Often a salesperson is (too) emotionally involved and can not objectively assess the situation. You can better arange the sales for you by a specialist.


Van de Schans Makelaardij is such a specialist. With an experience of more than 10 years you can hand over the sale to Van de Schans Makelaardij with complete confidence. We will make a nice sales brochure of your home and your house will be offereed at the most famous and visited site in the Netherlands, www.Funda.nl


Van de Schans Makelaardij understands better than anyone that selling houses is very serious affair and that sellers face a very exciting time. It is therfore extremely important that there is good communication between seller and broker. Van de Schans Makelaardij keeps sellers informed after each visit of the first impression of the potential buyers and the reaction after a few days.


We represent your interests and will do everything possible for you, financially, but also with regard tot he additional aspect like the date of transport. We guide and advise you through the entire process; from the date of take the house in sale up tot he tranport at the Notary office.


We would like to tell you all about our working method in a personal meeting at your home. For an informative conversation and/or a completely free valuation of the house you can contact Van de Schans Makelaardij on telephone number: 040-23.51.807. We come to a date and time to be determined by you, so when it suits you.


Our conditions apply to all our assignments as set out in the brochure "General Consumer Conditions NVM", also established by the Nederlandse Coöperatieve Vereniging van Makelaars en Taxateurs in onroerende goederen NVM U.A..

This describes the rights and obligations of the client and the broker.

Via this link you can view the General Consumer Conditions: www.nvm.nl/service/brochures